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Texas DME Surety Bonds

Texas DME Surety Bonds are available with American Surety Bonds Agency, an Atlanta based surety bonds company that is licensed to work with Texas residents for their DME (durable medical equipment) surety bond needs. A DME bond is a license and permit surety bond required for reimbursable services from Texas Medicaid and the Healthcare Partnership or TMHP.  We offer fast approval with great rates on DME surety bonds and will work with you to get you approved quickly.

Texas Used Car Dealer Surety Bonds

Texas used car dealers are required to be bonded by the Texas Department of Transportation. The used car dealer surety bond is valid for one year in the amount of $25,000 and is required by all used car dealers, even if you opened for business after the initial deadline. American Surety Bonds is your trusted used car dealer surety bond provider and can help you get approved today with rates starting at less than 1% of the total bond amount.

Texas Environmental Surety Bonds

A Texas environmental surety bond is a blanket term referring to a bid bond, supply bond, maintenance bond, and payment and performance bonds where the scope of work within the contract involves hazardous materials that can affect the environment. American Surety Bonds writes over 3000 types of surety bonds and can work with Texas residents to get approved for the environmental surety bond or bonds that they need. Underwriting guidelines for this type of bond require contract amount, assets, total work on hand, previous experience, and scope of work.

Texas Administrator Surety Bonds

American Surety Bonds writes administrator bonds in Texas as well as 3000 other types of surety bonds. Administrator bonds are required when a person passes away that has not left a will, named an executor, or the will is contested. When this occurs, an administrator is appointed to handle the proceedings of the state and the judge may require the administrator to post an administrator bond guaranteeing that the estate will be handled lawfully. Please visit our administrator bond page for underwriting guidelines on administrator surety bonds.

Texas DUI / Defensive Driving / Driving Improvement School Surety Bonds

Texas DUI, Defensive Driving, Or Driving Improvement Schools are often required to obtain a license to run a school that provides educational classes to satisfy a court ordered class resulting from a DUI or traffic offense. Atlanta based surety bonds agency American Surety Bonds writes 3000 types of surety bonds and offers great rates with fast approval for all applicants thanks to our 5 tiered program. For more information please call are Atlanta based surety underwriters at 404-486-2355.