Your Guide to Navigating Lost Title Bond Requirements in GA

Are You in Need of a GA Title Bond?

Have you recently:

  • Purchased a Vehicle without a Title: Essential for individuals who have bought a car but did not receive a valid title from the seller.
  • Discovered Errors on the Title: Necessary when there are mistakes or inaccuracies on the vehicle’s existing title.
  • Lost or Misplaced Vehicle Title: Required if the original title is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond recognition.
  • Discover Full Legend on Title: Where a vehicle owner, unable to transfer ownership due to a fully completed title, obtains a bond to secure a new, legally recognized title from the state.
  • Special Cases in Vehicle Ownership: Useful in unique situations where proving vehicle ownership is complicated due to missing or inadequate documentation. Such as when a vehicle owner passes away and the title is missing, heirs or estate administrators can apply for a bonded title.

What Is a Title Bond For a Vehicle?

Simply put, it’s a form of surety bond that protects against claims of ownership on the vehicle. It’s essential for situations where the original title is lost or unavailable.

What Do I Need to Complete the Process?

Obtain your bonded title in Georgia quickly and efficiently by completing our streamlined bond kit, sent directly to your email. Same Day service / Instant Issue, Get started now!

How Long Does It Take to Get a Bonded Title in GA?

Once you’ve submitted all necessary documents, we’ll guide you through the steps to get your bonded title as quickly as possible.Typically, it only takes 1 business day to get your bond.

How Much Is a Title Bond in GA?

The cost of a title bond in Georgia starts at $95. If you’re not sure the amount of your Georgia lost title bond for your vehicle that the state requires, click here to calculate your exact bond amount (click on “TAVT Estimator” under “Estimates”) .

Additional Resources and Contact Information.

For more details on motor vehicle title bonds in the State of Georgia, please visit the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website here. You can also find the tax commissioner for your county through our comprehensive list of Georgia counties.

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