Do you reside in Georgia and are in need of a GA Title Bond?

Do you reside in Georgia? Have you recently bought a car without a title? Error on the title? Is the legend full? Lost your title on your vehicle? Just need a new title bond? You’re in luck, you’ve found the right company!

Get a title bond today with fast and friendly service. Apply Today, Approved Today! Complete our georgia lost title bond Application to get started.

A T22B form and a MV46A form are also needed to complete this process, as well as proof of ownership (i.e. bill of sale) and a valid picture ID. The T22B form needs to be filled out by a police officer.

Download Form T22B

Download Form MV46A

If you’re not sure the amount of your georgia lost title bond for your vehicle that the state requires, click here to calculate your exact bond amount (click on “TAVT Estimator” under “Estimates”) . For more details on motor vehicle title bonds in the State of Georgia please visit the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website.

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