Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DME) play a crucial role in healthcare. DME includes wheelchairs, hospital beds, oxygen equipment, and many other devices designed to aid mobility, manage chronic conditions, and promote recovery.

What is a Medicare DMEPOS Bond?

DME suppliers who want to bill Medicare (the federal health insurance program for those over 65) and meet one of the requirements, must first obtain a DMEPOS bond per location. This bond guarantees:

  • Ethical business practices: Protects Medicare and clients from fraud or misrepresentation.
  • Project completion and payments: Ensures suppliers complete projects and make necessary payments.
  • Protection against overpayment: Safeguards against repayments in cases where the government has overpaid.

Surety Bonds Build Trust

Surety bonds demonstrate a DME supplier’s reliability and financial stability, helping them secure larger contracts.

Your DME Bonding Partner

We specialize in helping DME businesses obtain the bonds they need. We offer:

  • Expert Guidance: We help you understand different bond types and requirements.
  • Competitive Rates: We’ll find the best options for your business.
  • Simplified Application: Our process is quick and easy.

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