The Georgia Farming Hemp Act was recently passed in Georgia in May 2019, which allows the production and sale of hemp for certified growers, who are licensed through The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA). As part of becoming licensed, the GDA has established a Georgia Hemp and Grower License surety bond requirement of $100,000Get one step closer to becoming a certified grower today by filling out our simplified GA Hemp Processor and Grower Bond Application! Apply today, Approve today. 

  • Obligee: The Georgia Department of Agriculture 
  • Bond Amount: $100,000 – pay as low as 1% per year 
  • Apply today! Or call (404)-486-2355 / (877)-201-8976 

Unsure what this means? Let American Surety help!

What is hemp processor and grower bond?

Hemp processor and grower bonds guarantee that the grower is operating under the state’s regulations. Getting a bond guarantees to your customers that you’re in compliance with the State of Georgia and practicing lawfully and ethically.

What is my minimum hemp processor and grower bond amount?

Bond amounts differ state to state. Each state has different requirements for the minimum bond amounts that auto dealers must obtain. The good news is American Surety is licensed in all 50 states and ready to write your bond! Apply today, approve today using our GA Hemp Processor and Grower Bond Application or call (404)-486-2355/ (877)-201-8976. 

How much does a hemp processor and grower bond cost?

The price you pay to purchase the bond is called the bond premium. American Surety considers the strength of the dealership, personal credit, business finances, and many other factors to determine the bond premium, which is usually around 1% (or higher).  

How does my credit affect me?

American Surety has options for credit in all shapes and sizes! Good credit? We have a fast track program that may be right for you. Average credit? Our simplified application can get you approved quickly! Challenged credit? No fret! Financing is available in most cases, just call (404)-486-2355/ (877)-201-8976 to discuss with our Underwriters. Get your bond now! Apply today, approve today!

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