Lost your stock certificate? Was it damaged or stolen? Washed? Lost in a flood or the mail? Is your transfer agent giving you a hard time? Cost too high? Being denied because of citizenship? Get access now to redeem your stock certificate with the help of American Surety Bonds Agency. Get your bond today by filling out our Lost Stock Certificate Bond Application or calling our Underwriters at (877) 201-8976 or (404) 486-2355.

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What is a Lost Instrument Bond?

For some reason, you might not have your stock certificate. If you don’t have the physical piece of paper, you can’t redeem your stock! To get a replacement, a transfer agent usually requires a Lost Instrument bond, which guarantees that you are the rightful owner of the stock. Once you get a Lost Instrument bond, you can start the process of getting your stock certificate replaced.

Open Penalty and Close Penalty Bonds

When dealing with lost stock certificates, there’s two types of bonds: open-end penalty bond or a closed-end penalty bond. Closed-ended penalty means that once the bond is issued, the amount (fixed) will not change. However, since stocks have fluctuating market values, there’s also open-ended penalty bonds. Most transfer agents require this bond. Open ended penalty bonds refer to when a bond honors the current market value of the stock. Even after the bond is written, an open-ended penalty bond will adjust with the stock (price) fluctuations. If the stock has increased in value, the bond will reflect that, and vice versa. Many bond companies won’t write open-ended penalty bonds, but American Surety Bonds Agency is never scared! Our answer is simply, “Yes!” Our Underwriters will get you the Lost Instrument Bond you need approved quickly and easily.

What if I live internationally?

Many people outside the United States have trouble getting a Lost Instrument bond. American Surety is here to help! We have underwriting experience for lost instrument bonds worldwide! For many years we have been successful in helping citizens worldwide. We helped them; we can help you too! Get your bond today by filling out our Lost Stock Certificate Bond Application or call our Underwriters at (877) 201-8976 or (404) 486-2355.

How much does a Lost Instrument Bond cost?

The bond amount is set by the financial institution that issued the stock certificate. However, the bond amount and the amount you pay are different things. The amount you pay, or bond rate, can depend on the bond amount and/or your credit. Bonds up to $5,000 are usually issued with a minimum premium of $100. Lost instrument bond amounts exceeding $5,000 should be looked at by an underwriter and may require supporting documentation. Your cost could be as low as 1% of the value of your lost stock certificate!

Who is the obligee?

The obligee is the financial institution that requires the lost instrument bond.

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