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Florida DME Surety Bonds

A DME Surety Bond, also known as a durable medical equipment bond, is a type of license and permit surety bond that is required by the federal government and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. A DME Surety Bond will guarantee that suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) complies with laws in place for billing federal agencies such as medicare and medicaid. American Surety Bonds can help you get approved for your DME surety bond today.

Florida Used Car Dealer Surety Bonds

In the State of Florida, all used car dealers are required to have a used car dealer surety bond with an effective start date of May 1 through the following year until April 30. All used car dealers, even those opening after May 1, are required to get this $25,000 surety bond. Even if you missed the deadline, you can still get approved for your surety bond with American Surety Bonds.

Florida Maintenance Surety Bonds

Maintenance bonds are a type of contract bond and are often required by the federal government depending on the contract, such as a federal government project. In some cases, the State of Florida may also require a maintenance surety bond. A maintenance surety bond guarantees that the principal will maintain the project, correcting any defective workmanship at the competition of the project in the event that any work was done incorrectly. American Surety Bonds writers maintenance bonds in the state of Florida and can help you get approved.

Florida Guardianship Bonds

American Surety Bonds writers Guardianship court surety bonds in Florida. A guardian is a person who may be requested by another person or appointed by the court to protect the assets and well-being of a minor or incapacitated adult. Many times when a judge appoints the legal guardian, a guardianship bond is required to ensure that the minor or adult and his or her assets are taken care of correctly and appropriately.

Florida Code Compliance Bonds

Florida contractors building any structures in the state may be required by local municipalities, counties, or the State of Florida to get bonded for a Code Compliance Surety Bond. A Code Compliance Bond guarantees that the contractor and his builders comply with all local building codes, ensuring the building in its entirety is up-to-date with code standards. American Surety Bonds can write you your Florida code compliance bond and help you get approved today with a great rate.