As of July 1st, 2017, all Durable Medical Equipment  Suppliers (DMEs) must come into compliance with the Board of Pharmacy within the State of Georgia by becoming licensed under the Board.  Senate Bill 41, signed by Governor Deal on May 29th, requires that all DMEs that transact business within the State of Georgia are now required to obtain this specific license where no requirement used to exist.  DMEs are businesses that sell durable medical equipment to individuals receiving benefits from either Medicare or Medicaid.  Once the equipment is sold, the DMEs bill Medicare or Medicaid for the costs of the goods.  To be a DME, you must also furnish a surety bond in the amount of $50,ooo.  The bond protects the government in the event that a DME provider was overcompensated for sold goods and failed to repay their overpayment.  In general, this surety bond is a financial guarantee that a DME will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to their license.

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The full version of Senate Bill 41 can be found here

Senate Bill 41
By: Senator Unterman of the 45th

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