The deadline of September 30th is approaching quickly, and renewal season is upon us. American Surety is here to help you stay in compliance with the State of Alabama and provide a same day renewal. Alabama’s annual bond amount is $10,000 with rates as low as less than $100 a year! Ready to get a fast and easy bond? Start by filling out our simple Alabama Fundraising Bond Application or call our underwriters at (404)-486-2355 or (877)-201-8976 today! Apply today, renew today, approval today.

  • Obligee: Alabama Attorney General, Department of Consumer Protection
  • Bond Amount: $10,000
  • Apply today

Unsure what this means? Let American Surety help!

What is a fundraising bond?

A Professional Fundraiser, Solicitor, or Co-Venturer bond guarantees that the business is operating under the state’s regulations while soliciting and fundraising. For instance, State of Alabama’s section 13A-9-71 of the Alabama Code ensures that fundraisers, solicitors, and co-venturers are compliant.

What is my fundraising bond amount?

Bond amounts differ state to state. Florida has a bond amount of $50,000 while Georgia has $10,000. However, it is important to know there is a difference between bond amount and the cost of that bond are different.

State Cost State Cost
Alabama As low as $10,000 Arizona As low as $25,000
Alaska As low as $10,000 Arkansas As low as $10,000
California As low as $25,000 New Mexico As low as $25,000
Colorado As low as $15,000 New York As low as $10,000
Connecticut As low as $20,000 North Carolina As low as $20,000
Florida As low as $50,000 North Dakota As low as $20,000
Georgia As low as $10,000 Ohio As low as $25,000
Hawaii As low as $25,000 Oklahoma As low as $2,500
Illinois As low as $10,000 Pennsylvania As low as $25,000
Kentucky As low as $25,000 Rhode Island As low as $10,000
Louisiana As low as $25,000 South Carolina As low as $15,000
Maine As low as $25,000 Tennessee As low as $25,000
Maryland As low as $25,000 Texas As low as $10,000
Mass. As low as $25,000 Utah As low as $5,000
Michigan As low as $10,000 Virginia As low as $20,000
Minnesota As low as $20,000 Washington As low as $25,000
Mississippi As low as $10,000 West Virginia As low as $10,000
NH As low as $10,000 Wisconsin As low as $20,000
New Jersey As low as $20,000

How much does a fundraising bond cost?

Bond rates, the amount you pay to purchase the bond, are dependent on your net worth, years in business, and personal credit. Usually people will pay around less than 1% (or higher) of the bond amount. Fill out our simplified Fundraising Bond application by clicking this link or call our Underwriters at (404)-486-2355 or (877)-201-8976!

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