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Please select your surety bond from the list of bonds below. A Contract Bond is a generic term used to describe all bonds pertaining to a contract. Most of the time, a contract bond is referring to bonds that cover a construction project; however, they also cover supply and service contracts. Contact us if you have any questions about what type of bond you need.

What are the underwriting guidelines?

Contract bonds are underwritten on the following criteria:

  • Scope of Work
  • Project Size
  • Experience
  • Bond and Contractual Language
  • Corporate and Personal Net Worth
  • Corporate and Personal Credit History
  • Corporate and Personal Assets

How much does a Contract Bond cost?

American Surety Bonds Agency has many programs in place for contractors. Programs start at less than 1% of the contract amount and range upwards depending on the underwriting guidelines.

Contact us today to find out which program you qualify for.

How do I apply for a Contract Bond?

There are two ways to apply for contract bond.

  • Fast Track Application—A Fast Track application can be used for projects or contracts under $250,000. Fast Track applications rely heavily on personal credit history.
    Simply complete the Fast Track application and submit with the following items:

  • Bond Kit Application—A traditional Bond Kit application can be used for all contract regardless of size or scope of work.
    Simply complete the Bond Kit application and submit with the following items:

    • Copy of Contract or Bid Specs

A Bid Bond is a type of contract bond that guarantees that the bidder will bid on the project in good faith and can procure the requisite payment and performance bonds within the amount of time specified in the bid specifications once the contract is awarded.

An Environmental Bond is a generic term that refers to bid bonds, supply bonds, maintenance bonds and payment & performance bonds where the scope of work in the contract involves hazardous environmental materials.