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North Carolina DME Surety Bonds

Durable medical equipment providers that are looking to legally supply durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies must be bonded with a DME or DMEPOS surety bond. These bonds are required by Medicare and Medicaid to ensure lawful billing to Medicare and Medicaid for durable medical equipment. American Surety Bonds offers great rates and fast approval on durable medical equipment and can help you get bonded today.

North Carolina Auto Dealer Surety Bonds

Used car dealers in North Carolina that are looking to get the state required auto dealer bond rely on American Surety Bonds for fast approval and great rates. In the state of North Carolina, you must have one $25,000 auto dealer bond per salesroom at your dealership. American Surety Bonds has a five tiered program that can help you get approved quickly, in as little as one business day, and has rates that start at less than 1% of the total bond amount. Start your North Carolina auto dealer surety bond application today with American Surety Bonds.

North Carolina Administrator Surety Bonds

American Surety Bonds, an Atlanta based surety bonds agency writes administrator surety bonds for North Carolina residents that are looking to post an administrator bond per court order for the will they are overseeing. When a person dies and does not leave a will, the will is contested, or an executor has not been named, a judge will appoint an administrator to handle the proceedings and often times requires an administrator bond that guarantees the estate is handled legally, lawfully, and to prevent dishonest acts.

North Carolina Appeal Surety Bonds

American Surety Bonds writes appeal bonds for North Carolina residents looking to appeal a judgement that was placed against them. When a judge assigns a judgement, the defendant has a right to appeal that judgement. An appeal bond ensures that the defendant will still settle the judgement should he or she not be approved for the appeal. Appeal surety bonds are also referred to as supersedeas surety bonds and our experienced surety underwriters can help you get approved today. Start your North Carolina appeal surety bonds application by giving us a call.

North Carolina Code Compliance Surety Bonds

North Carolina contractors building any structures in the state may be required by local municipalities, counties, or the State of North Carolina to get bonded for a Code Compliance Surety Bond. A Code Compliance Bond guarantees that the contractor and his builders comply with all local building codes, ensuring the building in its entirety is up-to-date with code standards. American Surety Bonds can write you your North Carolina code compliance bond and help you get approved today with a great rate.