Yikes! Lost your cashier’s check or money order?  Can’t find your cashier’s check? Is it damaged, disappeared, or stolen? Washed? Lost in a flood or the mail? Easily get access now to redeem your cashier’s check with the help of American Surety Bonds Agency. Get your bond today by filling out our  Application or call our Underwriters at (877) 201-8976 or (404) 486-2355.

Bank of America (BOA) and Fifth Third Bank Programs

American Surety has years of experience handling Lost Cashier’s Check Bonds. We proudly offer unique programs for Bank of America (BOA) and Fifth Third Bank. We can easily help you through the application process and get your bond approved as quickly as today!

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What is a Lost Cashier Check or Money Order Bond?

For some reason, you might not have your cashier’s check or money order. If you don’t have the physical check, you can’t redeem your money or you could be waiting up to 90 days! To get a replacement check, your financial institution usually requires a Bond, which guarantees that the check won’t be presented twice. Once you get a Lost Cashier’s Check Bond, your bank can reissue your check.

Who is the obligee?

The obligee is the financial institution that requires the bond.

How much does a Lost Cashier’s Check or Money Order Bond cost?

The bond amount is set by the financial institution that issued the cashier’s check. The amount you pay to purchase the bond, or bond rate, can depend on the bond amount, your credit, and the details of the loss.

Lost something other than a cashier’s check?

If you lost a financial instrument other than a cashier’s check or money order, such as lost stock certificates, trust deeds, securities, and many other instruments, you can fill out our simplified Lost Instrument Bond Application or call our Underwriters at (404)-486-2355 or (877) 201-8976.

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Ready to get a fast and easy bond approval? Start the process now by completing our simplified  Application, Lost Instrument Bond Application, or call our Underwriters at (404)-486-2355 or (877) 201-8976 to answer any questions you may have! Apply today, Approve today!

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