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Georgia Administrator Surety Bonds

When someone passes away and no will was created, no executor of the will was named, or the will is contested, a judge will appoint a neutral party, or administrator, to handle the legal proceedings of the estate. An administrator bond is a type of court surety bond that Atlanta based surety agency American Surety Bonds can write for you. In many cases, the administrator will be required to post an Administrator bond which will guarantee that the will and estate will be handled lawfully, appropriately and without dishonest acts.  Apply for your Georgia Administrator Bonds today.

Georgia Supply Surety Bonds

American Surety Bonds offers fast approval on Georgia Supply Bonds that guarantees the principal will supply the materials as specified in the contract. A supply bond is a type of contract surety bond and must be required in the contract if indeed a supply bond is necessary. We offer fast approval with great rates on supply surety bonds here in Georgia.

Georgia Auto Dealer Used Car Surety Bonds

Georgia used car dealers are required to get a $35,000 surety bond as part of their state registration process. Even those used car dealers that open after the surety bond due date are required to be bonded. American Surety Bonds offers fast approval with great rates for used car dealers, in many cases starting at less than 1% of the total bond amount.

Georgia Conservator Surety Bonds

In cases where there is a minor without parents or a legal guardian or there is an incapacitated adult, a judge will appoint a conservator that is given the responsibility of handling the general well being and the assets of the minor or person who is incapable of doing so on his or her own due to age or mental capacity. This conservator bond guarantees that any accounting of the estate is done on a regular basis to protect the well being of the minor or adult from dishonest and illegal acts.

Georgia DME Surety Bonds

Georgia DME Surety Bonds or Durable Medical Equipment Surety Bonds is required by the federal government and the State of Georgia. A DME Surety Bond will guarantee that suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) complies with laws in place for billing federal agencies such as medicare and medicaid. All DME suppliers must come into compliance with the Board of Pharmacy within the State of Georgia by becoming licensed under the board. We can help write your DME surety bond here in the State of Georgia and help you get approved today.