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North Dakota Public Improvement Contracts see Bond Increase

Beginning on August 1st of this year, the State of North Dakota bond threshold for public improvement contracts increases from $100,000 to $150,000. Thanks to legislation passed on March 24th, contractors wishing to accept public improvement contracts that are greater than or equal to $150,000 in value must furnish performance and payments bonds on said...
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Larger Bond Threshold for Arkansas’ Public Construction Contracts


Beginning on the 4th of July this year, the State of Arkansas will increase the threshold at which bid bonds are required on state public construction contracts. In the past, a contractor would be required to furnish a bid bond on any state construction contracts valued at $20,000 or greater. In lieu of...
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New SBA Bond Page

New SBA Surety Bonds Webpage

Here at American Surety Bonds we have launched a new page on our website specifically for SBA Bonds....
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Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers now Require Licensure in the State of Georgia

As of July 1st, 2017, all Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DMEs) must come into compliance with the Board of Pharmacy within the State of Georgia by becoming licensed under the Board. Senate Bill 41, signed by Governor Deal on May 29th, requires that all DMEs that transact business within the State of Georgia are now...
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Bond Increase for Georgia Financial Services Providers


Governor Nathan Deal signed into law House Bill 0143 (as passed by House and Senate bill), a revised subpoena power for the Georgia Department of Finance; to provide for the regulation of persons performing service for financial institutions. This revised law, House Bill 0143, is rather lengthy and we have included the bill...
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How to Get A Government Contractors Bond

Competing, Bidding, or Already Low on a Government Project?
Planning on or already awarded a government project? You will need a payment and performance bond (standard form 25). Surety specialists at American Surety Bonds Agency have over 25 years experience and are here to help you get bonded quickly.
If you are bidding on federal projects...
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Alabama Increases Used Car Dealer Bond Amount

New Law in Effect for Alabama Used Auto Dealers

As of August 1, 2014, used motor vehicle car dealers required surety bond amount increased from $10,000 to $25,000. New and used motor vehicle dealers, wholesale dealers, reconditioners and rebuilders in Alabama are required to have an Alabama car dealer bond- also referred to as...
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Do Not Forget Bond Renewals

Bond Renewal Dates Are Fast Approaching
American Surety Bonds Agency is dedicated to making the bonding process as fast and simple as possible. At our agency, we believe that building a long lasting and trusting relationship is the key to success; which is why we provide you with upcoming bond expiration dates to ensure that...
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