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Virginia Auto Dealer Surety Bonds

In the state of Virginia, auto dealers are required to post a $50,000 surety bond to legally conduct business. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles requires all dealerships to have this surety bond. American Surety Bonds writes Virginia auto dealer surety bonds and can help you get approved quickly. We have a 5 tiered program that helps applicants, regardless of their credit, get approved for their Virginia auto dealer surety bond. In many cases, your bond will cost around 1% of the total bond amount, or $500.

Virginia DME Surety Bonds

The Centers For Medicare and Medicate Services or CMS requires suppliers of durable medical durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies or DME/DMEPOS to obtain a $50,000 DME surety bond in the state of Virginia. This surety bond acts as protection for medicare and medical by ensuring that the suppliers of DME do not fraudulently bill CMS. American Surety Bonds writes Virginia DME surety bonds and can help you get approved with a great rate, starting around 1% of the total bond amount. We also work with applicants that have issues with their credit, so be sure to give us a call today to start your application.

Virginia Code Compliance Surety Bonds

Code Compliance Surety Bonds guarantee that a contractor will comply with local building codes. This can be required not just at the state level but also by municipalities, counties, or the state of Virginia. This ensures that the building will built to code or renovated up to code if renovations are being made to a building. American Surety Bonds offers great rates and fast approval on Virginia code compliance surety bonds and can help you get approved today.

Virginia Lottery Surety Bonds

Virginia requires lottery retailers to post a $20,000 lottery surety bond that ensures that lottery retailers follow the rules and regulations of the Virginia lottery, which includes paying out to lottery retailers as required by the state and timely payment to lottery commission. American Surety Bonds writes lottery surety bonds for lottery retailers in the state of Virginia and can help you get approved for this $20,000 surety bond.

Virginia Guardianship Surety Bonds

A guardianship surety bond is usually appointed by the court to protect the assets, interests, and general well being of a minor or incapacitated adult. This is typically followed by a legal guardian that has been appointed by the judge. A guardianship surety bond, or conservator surety bond, ensures that the minor or incapacitated adult is taken care of, the estate is handled properly, and fraudulent acts or other acts meant to negatively impact the minor/adult are not committed by the guardian.