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New York DME Surety Bond

All suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies or DME/DMEPOS are required to be bonded in the amount of $50,000 by the state of New York. A DME Surety Bond serves the purpose to minimize the risk of the medicare program to fraudulent activities on behalf of the DME suppliers. American Surety Bonds writes DME bonds for New York residents and can help you get approved today. Our Atlanta based surety underwriters have over 30 years of experience and can help you get approved quickly for your DME surety bond in New York.

New York Used Car Dealer Surety Bond

Many states including New York require auto dealers that are in the business of selling new or used motor vehicles to obtain a New York auto dealer bond. The bond amount that is required is as follows based on the type of dealership: $20,000 for retail or wholesale motor vehicle dealer (other than new) that sells 50 or fewer vehicles in the previous calendar year. $100,000 for dealers that sold more than 50 vehicles in the previous calendar year. The dollar amount of $50,000 is required to be maintained by dealers applying to become, or to remain, registered as a new motor vehicle dealer. Work with American Surety Bonds to get approved for your New York auto dealer bond today.

New York Administrator Surety Bond

An administrator bond is often appointed by a judge to handle the legal proceedings of an estate when a person passes away and has not left a will, not named an executor, the will is contested, or there is a dispute amongst the heirs of the estate. An administrator bond is required by the judge to be posted by the administrator guaranteeing that the estate will be handled lawfully, without fraudulent or dishonest acts, to support the best interests of the heirs. If you have a last minute or urgent request for a New York Administrator Bond, speak with American Surety Bonds today to get approved.

New York Environmental Surety Bond

New York Environmental Surety Bonds is a blanket term to referring to any bid bond, supply bond, maintenance bonds, or payment and performance bonds in where the scope of work involves some sort of hazardous materials that can negatively impact the environment. A New York Environmental Surety Bond ensures guarantees that any hazardous materials is not only properly handled but also properly disposed off, avoiding any fraudulent activities. Start your New York Environmental Surety Bond application with American Surety Bonds today.

New York DUI/Defensive Driving School Surety Bond

A DUI or Defensive Driving or Driver Improvement School is a surety bond that is required to obtain a license to operate this type of school. In many cases the DUI/Defensive Driving/Driving Improvement School holds classes per court order resulting from a DUI or traffic offense, If you are not currently bonded to operate your DUI/Defensive Driving/Driver Improvement School speak with American Surety Bonds today to get approved. We write surety bonds for New York residents and can get you approved today.